How to Spot Fake Linkedin Accounts

How to Spot Fake Linkedin Accounts

Spotting Fake Linkedin Profiles

Fake Linkedin profiles are used by fraudsters and criminals to try and make themselves seem more credible. The more we can can spot these people and report these profiles the harder it will be for them to scam people.

Conflicting Thoughts

As a Cyber Security Investigations company we use fake profile to gather intelligence on criminals without disclosing our real identities. So information like this can make our jobs more difficult. We acknowledge that fake profiles do hurt the experience on Linkedin and we understand the importance of calling the criminals out but it can make it really hard to do covert investigations.

For an investigations company like ours it just means we have to work harder at making our profiles seem real. To beat the bad guys we have to sometimes be better than them at their own strategies.

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