How to Maintain Control Of Your Website

How to Maintain Control Of Your Website

I am going to explain how to maintain control over your website.

TL/DR version

  1. Maintain Contol of Your Domain Name

  2. Keep Regular Backups of Your Website

Hiring a web developer to build your website is an important part of business because most people do not know how to develop a website and DIY is not the best option sometimes. It really helps to hire somebody that is an expert in that field of building your website.

But what if you are no longer happy with the person building and/or hosting your website?

I came across a post today on Facebook and they were asking “Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do if you’re not happy with your web developer who also hosts your website?” This can be a scary situation for any business owner. A website is your main online marketing tool and if something happens to it, it could cause damage to your company’s image.

I have a customer that I helped with this type of issue. Their website was constantly being hacked by some type of automation script that was on their web developer’s host server. I migrated her over to our hosting service that was included in her Website Security Management plan and the issue stopped.
With our Website Security Management service, we are willing to host your website for you. The thing is, we recommend everybody retain their website domain name control. The reason I recommend this is because if you don’t like hosting with us, or you don’t like the person you’re hosting with, in general, you can point your domain in the direction of a new hosting provider.

If you buy your domain name through Name Cheap you can point that domain name in any direction you want to. If you want to point it towards a new hosting provider like Bluehost, Siteground, or HostGator. You can easily do that. All you have to do is then back your website up to the new location or, even better migrate your website to the new location. This can sometimes be rather simple.
I would like to say this is always a simple task, but it is not always simple. I will tell you I struggled with my client’s website, getting their domain name pointing in a different direction was the easy part. It was getting the site back up was the difficult part, because there is a whole lot of nuanced issues with changing the direction. I am not going to go into the technical details of it but just know that it can be complicated depending on the situation.

If you control copies of your own website, which there are tons of ways to make backup copies of your website, you should not have to worry about losing the information on your website.

You should never trust a company, not even my company, to host your website without being able to take control back from that hosting provider. If you maintain a copy of your website and the domain name, then it will never be an issue. So, if there is an issue with your host provider you will be able to take action to correct the issue.

If you don’t know how to point your domain name on your own, you can easily just Google how to do it or you can hire somebody to help you point it in the new direction. Even your domain name provider should be able to help you point your domain name in a new direction. Of course, they will try to sell you their hosting services, but that is just the way the nature of the beast.

I tell my clients if I am hosting your website, they need to retain control of their domain name. I will happily migrate your website and do all that stuff, but you need to maintain control of your domain name. I believe in a zero-trust policy. You should not have to that trust any vendor is going to do their job right. You should have Zero-Trust Plan in place because “What if this person fails?” or “What if they go away?” you need to have a plan just in case. It is simple as that.
That is my recommendation for anybody that is not happy with their host provider or their website developer. Maintaining control of your website is really important. I help all my clients maintain control of their website because I want them to be in control. The security of your website and the security of your business is all about being in control.

If you can maintain that control you are never reliant on others. You do not have to worry about what somebody else is going to do, because you still have that control whether they are an outside company or an insider. This concept of zero-trust applies to a lot of things in business and life. But for here, it is about maintaining control of your website by controlling the domain name. You control the domain name and it does not matter what your host provider does, or what your website developer does.

"If you do not have control over your domain name and somebody else does, you're in trouble."

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