Insider Threats going Dark

Pro Security Tip #1

The insider threat to your company is very real. How much access do some employees have too much access to your customer’s information? Do you have a disgruntled employee that has a lot of information that could be used in a way it shouldn’t? Well here are a few ways to protect against an insider threat.

  1. Don’t treat employees poorly
  2. Use a password management system to make it hard for a rogue employee to abuse the access they have.
  3. Do quarterly security check-ups
  4. If you suspect an issue don’t jump the gun have a third unbiased party look into the situation before you just fire someone.

Rouge employees can be selling your customer data on the Dark net which can leave you liable.

Below is a great article to read through to learn a little about what some other researchers have found.

We Offer Solutions:

Green Knight Digital LLC offers solutions to the problem of the insider threat by offering these solutions:

  1. Password Management System
  2. Company Privacy and Security Audit
  3. Third Party Employee Audit


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